... wow, I hate CW

I would like to provide you with a visual demonstration of my reaction to the CW pushing back SPN by a week. This demonstration is provided by my *other* boys: George and Mitchell. The best bit is around 1:08, but the rest is just fun.

I will pass the time tomorrow without a SPN episode by watching Being Human. Yay..
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Castiel is a Wings fan

Where does the time go!?

The only way to properly chronicle my last few weeks would be with a pic spam, and who really wants that? So I'll just say what an *amazing* time I've been having recently.

Not only have I been enjoying my job, which is awesome, I got to spend a weekend with gonturan in Chicago, with anteka as a surprise guest! Plus, Ainsley had her 7th Birthday party (omg, she's a third of the way to drinking!), and Jacqui and I got to see the Wings beat the Coyotes one night, then hear an awesome band the next. Quick highlights:

- Apparently, I bring a heat wave with me wherever I go. Though I packed a warm hoodie and trench coat, it hit into the 90s when I was in Chicago.
- Cookies are *aaawesome*.. but even more so when I abandon gonturan to making them, while I watch the Wings game that Mr. Gonturan tivoed for me.
- The "Red Wings" for my Red Wings fairy costume did not turn out.. but there's still time. I managed a full costume with wings in time for Ainsley's party though.
- Jacqui and I are the same person, with the same thoughts.. and as such are able to create change. While at the game, she said, "C'mon Eurotwins" and after a few seconds we both said, "activate!" And then Datsyuk scored.
- Frightened Rabbit is an awesome band, with terrible t-shirts..

Okay, I should probably sleep now but a few random comments about friendship:

- Friends take you to the airport, real friends sit at your terminal with you until you board.. so you're not lonely.
- Real friends plan a birthday party for their kid on Saturday, but when they find out you have plans.. switch it to Friday.
- Real friends are sympathetic when you have a migrane at a Wings game, and don't feel upset when you're not up for ice cream afterwards.

I'm a very fortunate person to have awesome people in my life.

Sometimes I amaze even myself.

This is totally a self-aggrandizing post, but if you can't do that in LJ, where can you do it?

So, I wanted to make something special out of my Doctor Who bag before Comic-con. Seeing as I've made about eleventy billion tote bags, I wanted to go with something different. The idea of making a backpack is something I've toyed with for a while, but I could never find a pattern I liked (that was free) and so just never made one. As the time to leave for San Diego approached, I finally said "screw it, I don't need no stinkin pattern!" and I just went for it. It's not finished but the hard part is over, now it's just seams and bias tape. It wasn't until I got this far that I thought, "wow, I'm actually quite good at working with these bags" Also, I'm humble. Anyway.. this is my Doctor Who backpack so far:

Yes, that is a zippered pocket on the front.. I'm still rather amazed I pulled it off.

Kids are cute

So, I was settling in for very tense Friday night with a playoff hockey game, microwaved pizza, and a Newcastle. I haven't missed a single period of any game this series and would never dream of doing so... yeah. That all ended when I got a phone call from Ainsley. Now, she and I have never actually spoken on the phone so if I hadn't seen the caller ID I wouldn't have had a clue as to who she was. Either way.. this was our conversation:

Her: Hi.
Me: Hello!!
Her: So are you planning on coming here today?
Me: No, I didn't have any specific plans to come over.
Her: Well.. I really, really, miss you, and I think you should come over.

So *of course* I had to go. We ended up hanging out for a while before going to dinner where I was heckled by several Coyotes fans for my Red Wings shirt and spammed my app for updates while Jacqui texted me scores. Ainsley *LOVED* high-fiving me when the Wings scored. :cD

Either way the game ended well with the boys winning 4-1 at an *away* game and pulling ahead in the series 3-2. I told Ainsley she was my good luck charm and she approved. \o/
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So, the regular season of hockey is over and it was friggin difficult at times this year *BUT*... the final standings are in and the Red Wings start the first round in PHOENIX!!!!!!! Playoff hockey in my hometown. I already have tickets to Game 2, and I'm gonna wear my jersey cause screw the 'yotes and their Whiteout! HA!

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That is all...

ETA: Damn you Cindy. Damn you.

Also, boys.. you looked so sad getting your medal. I know it was tough but you won *every* game you played in regulation. You're taking a silver, and that's more then 10 other teams got. You fought hard to take it to overtime and you should be very proud of what you accomplished. Take that back to your NHL teams and have an awesome rest of your season... I'm proud of you.
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Adventures in Kringles

Several weeks ago, my mom handed me a recipe and said, "make this!" Not one to turn my mother down I went after it whole heartedly.. and it turned into an unmitigated disaster.

Collapse )

I'll fill you in on the details of attempt number 3 tomorrow!
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I have dentist appointment number 2 today. Root canal. Blergh..

So of course I can't sleep. I made a "Dentist Playlist" which is mostly songs from Supernatural that are hopefully loud enough to drown out any drills I may hear. If that doesn't work I have 2 back episodes of the Red Wings podcast to listen to... but that may make me cry more as the Wings are not in a happy place right now.

But still.. Leverage Mood Theme, ftw.
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