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Kids are cute

So, I was settling in for very tense Friday night with a playoff hockey game, microwaved pizza, and a Newcastle. I haven't missed a single period of any game this series and would never dream of doing so... yeah. That all ended when I got a phone call from Ainsley. Now, she and I have never actually spoken on the phone so if I hadn't seen the caller ID I wouldn't have had a clue as to who she was. Either way.. this was our conversation:

Her: Hi.
Me: Hello!!
Her: So are you planning on coming here today?
Me: No, I didn't have any specific plans to come over.
Her: Well.. I really, really, miss you, and I think you should come over.

So *of course* I had to go. We ended up hanging out for a while before going to dinner where I was heckled by several Coyotes fans for my Red Wings shirt and spammed my app for updates while Jacqui texted me scores. Ainsley *LOVED* high-fiving me when the Wings scored. :cD

Either way the game ended well with the boys winning 4-1 at an *away* game and pulling ahead in the series 3-2. I told Ainsley she was my good luck charm and she approved. \o/
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