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Jan. 13th, 2010

El Nate - Lean Back


I'm so excited! Less then 25 minutes now, whooo! Plus, new mood theme!

Jan. 7th, 2010


I miss my car..

Last week, the airbag light on Sammy's dashboard came on. Fearing that the airbag would *explode in my face,* I took him to the dealership to get fixed. I figured they'd tweak something and the world would be fine. Heh. Yeah, apparently the entire electrical system in the dashboard is fried and the part to fix it is on back order. My guy told me that he would let me know when they had more information but didn't want me driving him in the meantime, for my safety.  I freaked out because a) I anthropomorphize my baby so to see him all hurt *sucks* and b)raputathebuta  was hours away from arriving, so hello! Needed a car!

They gave me a rental car which I thought sucked out loud, but it ended up being really neat because I'm now driving a red 2007 Impala. At first I just giggled at the Impala part of it, but realized it was a Red Wings weekend and I would be driving a *red* car. How fortuitous. Jacqui and I named him Mule after Johan Franzen of the Wings (who is nicknamed Mule). I have a Red Wings magnet I keep on Sammy so, while Mule doesn't sport the Wings logo like Sammy, he is branded in some small, impermanent way.

But, back to Sammy, I talked to my guy on Monday and asked him when he thought I'd get Sammy back. He wouldn't give me a timeline but I will say the word *MONTHS* was used and I was back to freaking out. I got another call today and he said that while they are looking at alternatives.. MARCH is his best guess.


My response to that was: they could develop the technology to create a whole new part for me in that time frame, and use the money they'd save in renting Mule to me for 50 bucks a day. *eyeroll*

I suppose I shouldn't get too upset. All the repairs, and the rental car aren't costing me anything, but still... I WANT SAMMY! I miss his little squee. That whole long story ends up with me asking for everyone to give some happy... non-March thoughts to my Sammy please!

Jan. 4th, 2010

Castiel is a Wings fan

Quick New Years post!

Just wanted to post a quick photographic update of my New Years (ish) celebrations. raputathebuta came down to Phoenix to hang out, but most importantly... to see a WINGS GAME!

Pictures!!!!Collapse )

Needless to say we had an awesome time and I was sad to have to send Rap back to snow and weather that is in the teens, while I'm still in the land of temps in the high 60's where our motto is, "you don't have to shovel sunshine." Incentive to come back!!! :cD

Dec. 18th, 2009

Esquared Hug

C'mon Hockey Gods. Seriously.

Seriously!! Photobucket* *This doesn't include Andreas Lilja. There are so many players injured they can't be fit onto one screen! What do I have to do Hockey Gods? Why'd you have take Z before this of all weekends?!?

Dec. 7th, 2009

Esquared Hug


It's *CHRISTMAS*!!!! Something very exciting is happening on Christmas Day, but I can't talk about it cause it's a surprise.

Also, anteka made a *gorgeous* header, which I stole.

CAUSE IT'S CHRISTMAS! It even rained today so it *feels* like Christmas. My favorite time of the year. WOOT!

Dec. 5th, 2009

Esquared Hug

The Roundup

1. I have a cold and it's the kind with a sore throat. I can handle most types of sick but not sore throat.. suck.

2. Another reason to be glad you're not from North Korea: for this whole week, they have no money. All printed currency is now just paper. If they are caught using money to buy *anything* they'll receive harsh North Korean type punishments. Also, when their new money comes out on the 7th.. they can only exchange the equivalent of 200 American dollars, the rest is worthless. To me, as a Non-North Korean, the most troubling part about this is that no news outlets in America are reporting it. I only found out because I read British newspapers online.. like a big ole' nerd.

3. My Red Wings aren't doing so well, and it makes my heart hurt. Hopefully the Olympic break will be the best thing for them this year.. but the bestest thing will be having raputathebuta come see them play in Phoenix in January! I'm *very* excited.

4. On Thursday I went shopping with my brother and his girlfriend for a Christmas tree, their first together. We went to look at ornaments and Angie was very upset that she could only find one of a sparkly ball that she liked. When we asked how many she needed it came out that she believes a Christmas tree should be decorated in coordinating ornaments and trim. Christopher and I both looked at her like she was insane, but she couldn't comprehend that our Christmas trees are decorated with every single ornament we've collected/received/made over the years. She thought that was weird, and so they had an "argument" about how their tree was going to be until Angie relented. So, my question is: who is odd? Angie's family or mine?

5. Dollhouse was on tonight and I can't bring myself to watch it. It seems pointless to start watching anything Joss puts on the air. All you have to do is wait until the full series is released on DVD after it's canceled. That man needs to ditch network television. Cable or internet all the way!

6. Why Breaking Dawn has to be made into a movie. WARNING: Strong Language and Hilarity contained within.

Nov. 24th, 2009

Doctor Horrible

I need a baking icon..

My mommie's birthday was Monday, and she requested that I make her bread pudding. To fulfill her request, naturally, I had to make bread. I made what has to be the best loaf of bread in the history of evar. It was *soooo* good... that I ate it before it could become pudding. The second loaf was nowhere near the bastion of epic deliciousness, but it was still an improvement. I overheard my mom bragging about my baking skills to my grams. Such a proud moment.

The other part of her birthday gift was a set of cookies. Nikki and I had a blast making and decorating them and I think they turned out *sooo* well:

They're quilt blocks.. get it?Collapse )

Cause my mom's a quilter? She absolutely LOOOVED them and it made her day. Tomorrow I have to make cookies and pies. The bestest bestest part of the baking year is this weekend:


Last year's epicness.Collapse )

This is my favoritest favorite tradition of all traditions. Nikki and I spend two days baking and hanging out. It's soooooooooo awesome, I can't wait. Just need to think on what to make as my "special" house this year.


Nov. 10th, 2009


What a day it has been

Rather then continue on watching Lost for the first time, I decided to upgrade to Windows 7. ::sigh::

So, I never used Vista because XP worked for me, (and Vista was crap), but I was bored.. so I upgraded. One thing I will say to those thinking of following me in the path of Windows 7 is, make sure your hardware has supported drivers! Let's just say I'm not gonna be using the full extend of my audio device anymore, that's for certain. After you get past that, it seems fit enough. The main problem I have is the Vista interface. I despise the way they've set up the Windows Explorer, with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns.

I can't find a Win7 download for VLC, which may be a problem come Wednesday when I have to stream the Wings game... hell hath no fury and all that, but that is Wednesday's problem.

More updates as I use the OS. Joy.

  Yeap, it's official.. I like it. I got my quick launch bar back and went into regedit to fix my Windows Explorer issue.. and everything else is just a matter of getting used to it.

Nov. 6th, 2009

Esquared Hug

What to do when you have insomnia:

I made icons. I was very very bored:


Oct. 23rd, 2009

Doctor Horrible

The best way to appreciate your job, is to picture yourself without one.

So, I may have a job. I don't want to jinx it.. or say that I'm even going to like it, but a job is a job. There's one more interview before they decide, but, I had a phone thing with a gal this afternoon, and she made me take all of these assessments for Microsoft Office programs. I was in the 98th percentile against a national average of 71 and type 97 words a minute, which she said was all very promising.

This is my first interview after *months* of sending out my resume, and money is getting tight. I had to miss the Wings game yesterday because I couldn't afford it. With the holidays, and upcoming visits from friends... I really need this like *whoa*.

Positive thoughts everyone!

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